The CRON HDI Flexo 900 is a highly flexible CTP for small and medium formats such as label printing, paper cups and cartons. The HDI Flexo 900 offers superior quality, high productivity and cost efficiency on a very compact footprint, making it a smart choice for all packaging converters.

The HDI Flexo 900 features a pop-up lid for easy loading of thermal film, digital polyester-back flexo and letterpress plates. With an open 1-bit TIFF interface compatible with almost all third-party software solutions, the HDI Flexo 900 is an excellent solution for low-cost but high-quality plate production.

Three models are available with Imaging Resolutions ranging from 4000 to 9600 dpi and speeds varying from 1.5 to 3.2 square metres per hour, offering a great range of options suitable for all packaging applications.

Key Technologies

Highly refined external drum

Constant temperature and dual-cooling system

Built-in dedusting system

Dynamic balancing system

V-shape guide

State-of-the-art linear magnetic drive scanning system

Leak-proof drum vacuum channel system

Semi-conductor Multiple Fibre Array and Optical Imaging Technology

Model HDI-900S HDI-900S+ HDI-900H
Max size
Min size
Resolution 4000 - 5080dpi 4000 - 9600dpi
Laser wavelength 830nm
Speed 1.5m2/h 3.2m2/h
Plate loading Manual mounting, auto loading
Plate type Thermal Film, Digital Polyester-back Flexo and Letterpress plates
Plate thickness 0.10mm - 3.94mm
Footprint Dimension 1650 x 1210 x 1100 mm (W x L x H)