In September of 2014, Hangzhou CRON Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd, China’s largest CTP manufacturer, announced entry into the North American graphic communications market by forming CRON-ECRM. Together with CRON, they will commit their best resources and technology to jointly develop and build new products. The company, CRON-ECRM LLC, is headquartered in North Andover, Massachusetts.

CRON-ECRM serves as the master distributor in North America for CRON CTP, HDI Flexo systems, and Blackwood offset printing plates. CRON-ECRM also serves as an extension in the research and development of new, high-quality prepress equipment that is distributed worldwide. CRON-ECRM will direct sales and service of CRON solutions and will partner with CRON in product development. CRON-ECRM is key to completing a global strategy for distribution of high quality CTP solutions offering unique value to printers and publishers throughout the world.

The future will continue to bring innovation with the spirit of continuous improvement while providing the most price-effective solutions for a global pre-press industry.